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Service request form


This form allows us to establish a computerised return form. Please fill in only one form per defective product. Any incomplete return request cannot be processed.

You can also download the document in order to print it and send it back to us by e-mail.


A copy of the purchase invoice must be attached to any warranty claim. The guarantee will only be accepted after we have given our written agreement following our assessment of the product.

The outward transport of the defective equipment is carried out by you and at your expense. This return form must be accepted and signed.

Your package will be kept in our workshops for a period of 30 days from the date of the repair estimate. After this period, without any response from you or in case of refusal of the repair estimate, we will return the parcel to you and will invoice you for the expertise labour and the return postage according to the rules below.

Expertise labour: 45€ HT

Cost of return postage: Package >30 kg = 45 € HT and Package < 30 Kg = 35 € HT